The mission of Carpe Diem Academy is to serve children who exhibit moderate to severe cognitive, physical, medical and social-emotional delays by providing an inclusive learning environment combined with a full complement of therapeutic interventions and environmental-access technology.

The philosophy and vision focuses on the needs of the WHOLE child. It addresses the cognitive, physical, medical social and emotional needs of the child. Carpe Diem recognizes that children with developmental disabilities can benefit from a comprehensive approach that combines therapeutic interventions, and integrates technology to promote and enhance the learning environment and each child’s independence. Carpe Diem creates the opportunity for each child to have an initial classroom experience in conjunction with an intensive therapeutic environment and technological that may result in a successful transition into an inclusive school program. The core purposes are to allow for increased parental choice and participation, to determine how cutting edge technology can impact the performance of children with disabilities and to increase learning opportunities for children who have difficulty achieving academically and socially.